Refining Writing: editing and proofreading

Editing writing.jpg

The Improving Literacy at KS2 Guidance talks specifically about the importance of developing an understanding of the writing process.  It references the importance of sharing, evaluating, revising and editing writing.  As practitioners, we need to consider how we support children in developing these skills.

Julie can work with your school to support.  Bespoke CPD could include:

  • Ensuring teachers are up-to-date with the requirements of the national curriculum
  • Understanding the importance of refining writing  as a key part of the writing process
  • Real writing from an author's perspective and how to engage children in the process
  • Explicit teaching of skills
  • Effective use of peer editing
  • Developing proofreading skills

Bespoke CPD offers practical ideas and tips to develop children's' skills, with consideration to manageability in the classroom. 

This package could include:

  • Reviewing children's work to focus on development areas
  • A follow up session on using success criteria effectively to improve and develop writing
  • Subject leader support to implement and monitor the above