Julie is an experienced English Consultant working across the primary sector.  Support can be tailored to meet the needs of the school in any area of English development.  

Offer of support could include:

  • Staff inset around developing specific aspects of English, such as phonics, spelling, grammar, reading and writting

  • Text-based planning: using high quality texts to develop both reading and writing. A unique text-based planning tool to support planning will be included in this package

  • Developing a rich curriculum for English, with a focus on progression and development of literacy skills

  • Collaborative teaching experiences

  • Training and support around assessment and moderation in both KS1 and KS2

  • Developing subject leaders

  • Parent workshops

  • 1stClass@Writing in association with Edge Hill University



Nathan and Joe are independent Maths Consultants who can offer the following range of support to schools and organisations:  

  • Staff training, including around themes linked with the mastery agenda

  • Collaborative planning and teaching experiences involving teachers and Teaching Assistants, whilst also working alongside classes and groups of children

  • Training around assessment and moderation in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

  • Subject-leader training

  • Parent workshops



Leadership and Management

Nilofer is experienced in Leadership and Management across the primary sector. Support can be tailored to meet the needs of the school in any area of school development.  

Offer of support could include:

  • Working with the Headteacher and Leadership Team to analyse current situation, data and trends; identify priorities and agree actions; develop the school’s improvement plan and the school’s self-evaluation

  • Preparing for Ofsted to ensure a positive outcome to retain a Good judgment

  • Working with schools to improve Ofsted outcomes

  • Headteacher Performance Management

  • Developing senior leadership teams and middle leaders in identifying priorities and conducting monitoring procedures

  • Developing the Quality of Education referring to Ofsted September 2019

  • Support for new Heads 



Popular now

Refining writing: A training session with a focus on supporting children in editing and proofreading writing

Writing workshops:  An opportunity for bespoke support for individual teachers or year groups to review writing, with a view to identify next steps and practical ideas to develop children as writers

Inspiring writing through text-based planning:  This could include training, planning with individual teachers or year groups and working alongside subject leaders.  All schools have access to a unique planning tool to support development in this area.

Training for teaching assistants:  Teaching assistants are a valuable resource in the classroom. Bespoke training sessions around supporting a variety aspects of English are available